Are you getting married? Congratulations! Nervous? Don’t worry, it will all be fine. A wedding is a great opportunity to have a huge party, to do something unique and something that is really you.  Just remember, don’t get carried away by other people’s idea of a wedding. It is your wedding, not your parents’, or your friends’. So it doesn’t have to be as they expect it to be: make it YOURS!

I shoot differently from traditional wedding photography: I won’t take the typical wedding pictures with the bouquet on the dress or the couple in front of the castle, just because that is the way we have seen wedding photography for so many years. There is only a limited number of weddings I take every year. I looove photographing personal and original events!

I will make sure the pictures will show everything: you, your friends, your family – the day as it was in a beautiful and honest way. In fact, I will do more than that: I will also capture the mood and the atmosphere and I will catch things you might not even have noticed.

I will be photographing from the moment you get ready and if you want me there until the night, I will probably end up dancing with you too!