Travel project

IMG_3557-2Last September 2012, I started a personal project for when ever I travel:

My project consists of meeting a successful creative woman from each country I visit. For about a couple of hours.  I’ll tag along while this person shows me their home and if there is time also their neighborhood, maybe their favorite spots.  All this while I photograph everything to document our short story together and share it with the rest of you once I’m back home.

To start with I will be looking for creative women. They don’t necessarily need to be living in some big, fancy or trendy home – all I ask for is personality, and lots of it!

She could be a musician, artist, photographer, designer, stylist, architect, independent filmmaker, writer, actress…the list goes on and on. Someone with a good story to tell.

If you know anyone who you think could be interested and interesting for my little project, please email me at with a couple of pictures and a short description.

I am living in Kenya for the moment .. Please email me if you have someone in mind for the project!

You will be able to see the pictures together with interviews .. In the mean time you can look bellow for sneak peeks.

Brooklyn ©Amanda Thomsen PhotographySarah. Art director at Inc magazine by day and burlesque dancer by night, lives in New York.NY(Brooklyn)Ernie. Photo editor living in Green Point Brooklyn, New York.NY(Brooklyn)Mara. Living in Brooklyn, New York.BarcelonaLisa. Photographer and film director living in Barcelona, Spain.BhutanWang Mo. Owner of “Wangmo’s Montessori Day Care Center” in Thimphu, Bhutan.Bhutan ©Amanda Thomsen PhotographySonam, Thimphu, Bhutan.HawaiYona, Art teacher living in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Sandra, artist living in Yangon. Burma.

Veron Sung Photographer/Artist living in Hong Kong.


Ken Aïcha Sy, host of cultural blog Wakh Art. In Dakar, Senegal.

Amanda Thomsen

Kim Timplada, fashion editor. Bangkok, Thailand.

Photographer Amanda Thomsen

Gloriana Mejia, architect.  San José, Costa Rica

Photographer Amanda Thomsen

Rebeca Jiménez, photographer. San José, Costa Rica.

Photographer Amanda Thomsen

Larisa Coto, architect. Nosara, Costa Rica.

Amanda Thomsen Photography

Gathoni, Photographer living in Nairobi, Kenya.