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One frame from a portrait shoot in Lake Naivasha, Kenya.


Family in the woods ..


A late evening visit to the beach ..

Amanda Thomsen Photography

One shot.

Photographer Amanda Thomsen

I couldn’t help but taking an extra picture of this little girl while she was being styled .. This is behind the scenes from a kids shoot I shot for the lovely Ziestha clothing.

Bill & Anna

Fotograf Amanda Thomsen

One of the many things I love about my job as a photographer is the fact that I meet so many new people.  All “choosing” to live their lives differently and all interesting in their own ways. Here is a little sneak peek of Anna and Bill’s .. They are both freelance journalists living in [...]

Sneak peek .. Bill & Anna.

Fotograf Amanda Thomsen

Todays shoot was one of those shoots where I left overly happy, excited and inspired!! Funny how some people can make such a big impact in such a short time and by just being themselves ..

Two shots from yesterdays shoot ..

Fotograf Amanda Thomsen

Good friends ..

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This is Therese and Emma, they are very good friends.Emma, isn’t very keen in being photographed so I took some extra of her .. poor thing.. but she was great! Therese is my niece, and I love her to bits.  She is always always smiling and I love her face.They live in Fyn, and right now [...]