Today I am doing something new ..

Earlier this morning, I wrote I was doing something new .. I kind of do something new every time I have an assignment/photo shoot. Today I photographed a couple from Hong Kong who asked me to photograph their daily journey as they remember it when they lived here in Copenhagen 5 years ago. It was [...]

Sneak peek .. family pictures in Copenhagen.


This is just a sneak peek, but I got a bit carried away since I just love everything about this French/Danish family living in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Sneak peek from Diana & Steven’s pre-wedding shoot

pre-wedding Denmark

Diana & Steven came the whole way from Macao and Hong Kong to Denmark .. Dress from Mrs Vintage in Hong Kong, and hair and make-up by Make-up Artist Maria Wahlin.  

Sneak peek from Thomas & Kama’s wedding ..

What can I say – Do it your way!

Sneak peeks from Mida’s world ..

I introduce you to mum Mia and daughter Ida ..This is Ludvig, their dog ..

Sneak peek from a lovely evening shoot with Jakob & Majken ..

Remember this couple? So great to see them and a pleasure to photograph them again!!  And this time with a little one soon to come ;)

Sneak peek .. Majbritt & Thomas.

©Photographer Amanda Thomsen 2012

A beautiful day and the cutest couple in love ..

An evening in Præstegården ..