Hiring a photographer ... When you hire a photographer make sure you looove their pictures.  If you do, you will likely also love the result of your own pictures taken by that photographer, if you don't, don't worry, there are many other photographers so you go and find the one for you .. How to contact me .. Just write me an email!  Write as much as you want, the more I know about you and your wishes the easier it is for me to see if I can help you. Weddings .. I will document a wedding as I will document any day .. I will shoot from the moment I arrive to the moment I leave .. I try to be discreet but also part of it ..  I have shot many many weddings and none are the same, but I remember them all! I will photograph your wedding as if I was your best friend wanting the best for you and your guests, so I will chase everyone until I know I have at least one good picture of them all.  I love to take portraits of the newly married couple, but mostly non posed, so take advantage of this time to hug, kiss, talk and just enjoy each other without everyone else around.  If you are camera shy, don't worry at all, your other half will be next to you making you feel so good, that you will forget about me.  - prices .. My prices starts at 15.900kr for half a day coverage starting from the morning preparations, and a  full-day coverage for 19.900kr for unlimited hours.  Since every wedding is quite different, please write about yours and I can give you a more precise price. The way I work taking portraits, couple shoots, family shoots .. 

  - prices

Other projects .. I can be hired for other projects, just send me an email and tell me whats your mind. 

Travelling .. I love traveling, so if you need me somewhere, I can be there no matter how far it is.