Need a photographer?

What kind of photographer am I?

I'm a profesional, have a degree and many years of experience behind me.  Photography is not only my fulltime job, but also my passion! 

I love to play and be creative when taking pictures! Play with my customers, the natural light, the locations and what ever is given to me on the moment of photographing.  I don't really follow any particular rules, other than being 100% honest with my customers and give them a nice and unique experience and honest memories. 

I photograph people of all kind for all kind of things!  I also photograph elopements and alternative weddings.  


I really admire people who dares to do their things their own way and not go with the flow but follow their dreams!  When it comes to weddings, it can be quite difficult because even thought it is a thing between two people, it often becomes expectations from many.  Thats why eloping can be a good idea for many couples who rather have a small intimate wedding .. Yeah, we can always have a huge party when we come back home!!!! 

For me photographing an elopement in Copenhagen or any where else in the world really, is very precious.  It is so much more than documenting the ceremony .. It is all about the experience.  People who comes from abroad can see me as their new Danish friend that they will hang around with for some hours showing them my city.  We can always discuss before the day, what you like and where you would like the pictures to be taken.  The important thing is that you enjoy every single minute of your wedding day.

I love supporting alternative self owned suppliers, so I can happily recommend you if you need ideas .. 

Prices for elopements - Starts at 9300kr for 3 hours starting from the preparations and 1000kr for every additional hour. 





alternative weddings

Wedding coverage – I will document a wedding as I will document any day .. I will shoot from the moment I arrive to the moment I leave .. I try to be discreet but also part of it ..  I have shot many many weddings so just trust me, and I will make you the nicest memory of the day you can ever imagine!! 

Prices - My prices starts at 15.900kr for 5 hours, starting from the morning preparations, and 1200kr for every additional hour.  Since every wedding is quite different, please write about yours and I can give you a more precise price. 


It is very individual what people need for portraits, it can be from family pictures to more business like pictures, so please send me a mail telling me about you and all your wishes. 

I love taking portraits, documenting peoples’ lives, either at their home, or in some cool place we choose together. .

If you don’t like to be photographed, don’t worry: I will guide you and make the photo shoot feel as relaxed as posible. It should be fun and you will end up with lots of lovely pictures to choose from.

One more thing… don’t wait,  just do it now!

My prices for portraits starts at 4500kr.