One frame from a portrait shoot in Lake Naivasha, Kenya.


Bill & Anna

Fotograf Amanda Thomsen

One of the many things I love about my job as a photographer is the fact that I meet so many new people.  All “choosing” to live their lives differently and all interesting in their own ways. Here is a little sneak peek of Anna and Bill’s .. They are both freelance journalists living in [...]

Sneak peek: Rocio & Anders (pre-wedding shoot)

Amanda Thomsen Photography

Today I am doing something new ..

Earlier this morning, I wrote I was doing something new .. I kind of do something new every time I have an assignment/photo shoot. Today I photographed a couple from Hong Kong who asked me to photograph their daily journey as they remember it when they lived here in Copenhagen 5 years ago. It was [...]

Sneak peek from Diana & Steven’s pre-wedding shoot

pre-wedding Denmark

Diana & Steven came the whole way from Macao and Hong Kong to Denmark .. Dress from Mrs Vintage in Hong Kong, and hair and make-up by Make-up Artist Maria Wahlin.  

Wayne & Betty’s pre-wedding shoot ..


Wayne and Betty is a lovely couple from Hong Kong living in Denmark.  I felt in love with them already at our first meeting in town .. Some weeks after we met at their home for the shoot.  Betty told me she had been quite nervous with the idea of being photographed .. But we [...]

Sneak peek from Camilla & Fabian’s pre-wedding shoot in Spain.

A beautiful Danish blond meets a handsome hombre from Spain. The day before Camilla & Fabian got married in Spain we went around Fabian’s neighborhood El Palo, in Málaga and took some pictures ..

sneak peek .. from Bonnie & Mads pre-wedding shoot ..

Another gorgeous sunny day for a photo shoot .. This time with Bonnie & Mads! Can’t wait to take their wedding pictures ..

Sneak peeks from Wayne & Betty’s pre-wedding shoot ..

Yesterday I had the privilege to photograph Wayne and Betty, one of these couples you just fall in love with immediately .. at least I did! We had so much fun and enjoyed every moment in the amazing weather .. It was kind of magical moment, almost like being in a dream .. Here are some sneak peeks for now and [...]

Becky & Ernie all the way from Hong Kong ..

Remember I showed you some sneak peeks of Becky and Ernie’s pre-wedding shoot? The super sweet and cute couple that came the whole way from Hong Kong to visit Scandinavia for their pre-honeymoon? Here are some of the many pictures I took of them .. It was such a nice day and a pleasure to [...]