Pick nick under a tree in Maasai Mara, Kenya.


AD Magazine Munchen and Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen

This might sound like a cliche, but as a photographer you really get to do all kinds of assignments and photograph all kinds of people. No assignment is similar to the last one and you get to meet many different people. This job was definitely new for me. A couple of months before I left [...]

My new adventures will be in Kenya ..

Rift Valley - Amanda Thomsen Photography

  Dear everyone! For the next half year (maybe a bit more) I will be living my life and adventures in Kenya. My husband and I are here adopting our little adorable son… Unfortunately I can’t post any photos of him the first 3 months, but I can tell you he is absolutely gorgeous!! No [...]

I will make you remember ..

Amanda Thomsen Photography

This picture means everything to me and looking at it earlier today, it reminded me how important my job is.  This is my beautiful mum hugging my dearest niece, and even though you don’t really see my mum’s face I can see she is smiling, because I know her face so well.  It is not [...]

Location scouting with Anna ..

Amanda Thomsen

The thing that I love to photograph the most in the whole wide world is the sun.  When living in a country like Denmark, we really don’t take for granted the sun, and when it is out, we try and make the most out of it.  Last week we had a few days of beautiful [...]

Sneak peek .. I live in Bangkok, Thailand.

Fotograf Amanda Thomsen

Today I went to photograph beautiful Kim in her amazing home in Bangkok ..

Interview in The Norwegian Wedding Blog.

Fotograf Amanda Thomsen

If you want to know my thoughts about weddings as a wedding photographer you should read my interview in THE NORWEGIAN WEDDING BLOG.

Today I am doing something new ..

Earlier this morning, I wrote I was doing something new .. I kind of do something new every time I have an assignment/photo shoot. Today I photographed a couple from Hong Kong who asked me to photograph their daily journey as they remember it when they lived here in Copenhagen 5 years ago. It was [...]

Trust us!


This is one of Hazel’s cats, and Hazel is one of the five photographers from We Do Weddings. This is not a post about cats, I just thought it was a cool cat and therefore a cool picture which I took the same day as the pictures from this post.  It was a day I [...]

I little cute girl in Zambia ..

©Amanda Thomsen Photography

I have just been working in Lusaka, Zambia.  One afternoon I went for a walk and met some beautiful people on my way ..