My neighbours enjoying the morning sun by the window.


One frame from a portrait shoot in Lake Naivasha, Kenya.


Family in the woods ..


AD Magazine Munchen and Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen

This might sound like a cliche, but as a photographer you really get to do all kinds of assignments and photograph all kinds of people. No assignment is similar to the last one and you get to meet many different people. This job was definitely new for me. A couple of months before I left [...]

I will make you remember ..

Amanda Thomsen Photography

This picture means everything to me and looking at it earlier today, it reminded me how important my job is.  This is my beautiful mum hugging my dearest niece, and even though you don’t really see my mum’s face I can see she is smiling, because I know her face so well.  It is not [...]

A late evening visit to the beach ..

Amanda Thomsen Photography

Teen ..

Amanda Thomsen Photography

One shot ..

Amanda Thomsen Photography

I photograph everyday life as it is .. Simple but soon a memory, a memory worth remembering.

Holly and her parents.


Last year I photographed this little cutie named Holly with her mother.  It was a present for the daddy (you can see them here).  Some months after they called me again,  this time to have some photos taken of all three of them ..

One shot.

Photographer Amanda Thomsen

I couldn’t help but taking an extra picture of this little girl while she was being styled .. This is behind the scenes from a kids shoot I shot for the lovely Ziestha clothing.