Elopements and intimate weddings in Copenhagen.

This year I have been shooting more elopements and intimate weddings here in Copenhagen than the bigger and more traditional weddings. This doesn’t mean that I don’t shoot or like shooting big weddings .. I still do, I just take less of them. I love all kind of wedding so would you like to hire me for yours, don’t hesitate in contacting me .. I will so gladly answer any question you might have in mind ;)

I don’t have much time at the moment to work on my new website, so I use instagram and facebook to show my latest work .. please join me there!


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copenhagen elopement






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Sneak peek from Christina’s & Martin’s wedding


My neighbours enjoying the morning sun by the window.


Pick nick under a tree in Maasai Mara, Kenya.


One frame from a portrait shoot in Lake Naivasha, Kenya.


Family in the woods ..


AD Magazine Munchen and Helena Christensen

This might sound like a cliche, but as a photographer you really get to do all kinds of assignments and photograph all kinds of people. No assignment is similar to the last one and you get to meet many different people. This job was definitely new for me. A couple of months before I left for Kenya, I had been contacted by the German Architectural Magazine AD  to capture an event in Copenhagen. It was the opening of the temporary Ilse Crawford shop at The Apartment in Christianshavn.

It was a bit of a challenge since I not only had photograph lots of people but also get all their names: without their names the magazine could not use the pictures. Anyway, it was easier than I had dreaded but there were many more people than they had expected so I had very little space and time to capture everybody eating, drinking, chatting… Close to the end of the evening I was still snapping along and I was trying to get some good shots of a family sitting in the kitchen enjoying the lovely food. Suddenly the lady says, “wait a minute I want my daughter to be in the picture too!” She calls out: “Helena, Helena, come here and have a picture taken with your parents!” And then it happened… Helena, the daughter, was THE Helena Christensen .. The top model, the girl that I had seen on millions of magazines covers when I was a young girl. The girl who dated Michael Hutchence from INXS. The beautiful girl in the Chris Isaak video .. and well yeah, I was really paralyzed! Suddently I felt like a teenageer that has seen her big idol and just froze a little. WOW! She was still so beautiful and she was just in front of me, we had eye contact and I had my camera and I “shot” her… I didn’t really have time to think much, or see through the lens… I just pointed and shot and prayed for the picture to be good enough… Cause this lady Helena only gave me a second of a smile before she was interrupted by some of her friends…

Anyway, I never knew I would be that excited! But then again, there are so many jobs I do where I get overly happy and excited that after I feel a bit embarrassed… But this is what makes me love being a photographer so much. It is not to photograph famous people (I do this very rarely anyway) or the traveling, but I love to have an excuse to meet all sorts of people and experience all sorts of things .. Now in Kenya, I am a bit on standby taking care of my little adorable son, but I can feel my eagerness to photograph and meet new people… It is still there and ready to come to action soon!


My new adventures will be in Kenya ..

Rift Valley - Amanda Thomsen Photography


Dear everyone!

For the next half year (maybe a bit more) I will be living my life and adventures in Kenya. My husband and I are here adopting our little adorable son… Unfortunately I can’t post any photos of him the first 3 months, but I can tell you he is absolutely gorgeous!! No seriously, he is the prettiest boy on earth .. haha!! or do all mothers say that?!

I am still shooting, and even though I might not be able to travel much outside the country while I am here, please keep contacting me if you have any questions or enquiries – I will try and answer as fast as possible.  Also I would love to shoot weddings and family portraits while I am in Kenya, so contact me if you are interested.  Thank you!!

Warmest regards from Nairobi,

Mama Amanda



Idem & Poul – City Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Amanda Thomsen Photographer