Hello, my name is Amanda Thomsen and I am the photographer behind this site.   If you like what you see and need a photographer or just want to say hi, please don’t hesitate in contacting me.  

What you see is what I do, I take pictures of people in all kind of situations.  I try to take them as natural as possible with a touch of my own creativity, but still keeping it honest and down to earth.  I am not a huge fan of photoshop but I do adjust a little for lighting and color.  I won't remove or add to the pictures, and I love messy houses and improvised locations.  My job is to capture moments and make them into memory .. 

I strongly believe that you don't need a particular reason to hire a professional photographer and that every day life is as important to document as a wedding or other big events.  If you want family pictures, it should be pictures of all of you, not only your kids .. You owe your kids to preserve yourself as you are now for their memory, even though you don't like to have your picture taken, do it for your kids. 

I don't know most of the people I photograph before the shoot, but I ask them lots of question about themselves so it feels like we know each other a bit more when taking the pictures. 

Me: I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Grew up with my parents and sister in Spain. Moved to Denmark and studied a little.  Found my passion and moved to England to take a degree in Photography.  Came back to Denmark and have been an independent photographer ever since. I am married to a French man, together we adopted our lovely son Louis and lived in Kenya for 8months, we also have two cats.  I speak Spanish, Danish, English and un petite peu French. I am based in Denmark, but work worldwide.