My new adventures will be in Kenya ..

Rift Valley - Amanda Thomsen Photography


Dear everyone!

For the next half year (maybe a bit more) I will be living my life and adventures in Kenya. My husband and I are here adopting our little adorable son… Unfortunately I can’t post any photos of him the first 3 months, but I can tell you he is absolutely gorgeous!! No seriously, he is the prettiest boy on earth .. haha!! or do all mothers say that?!

I am still shooting, and even though I might not be able to travel much outside the country while I am here, please keep contacting me if you have any questions or enquiries – I will try and answer as fast as possible.  Also I would love to shoot weddings and family portraits while I am in Kenya, so contact me if you are interested.  Thank you!!

Warmest regards from Nairobi,

Mama Amanda



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  1. Camilla Jørvad says:

    My heart goes with you. I am so happy this is finally happening! Yay! much love from home

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