Something Old


Last year, I together with other wedding vendors formed a little wedding network which we now call We Do Weddings.  We are all independent women with each our different passion in weddings.  In the summer we did some photo shoots together to get to know each other better and to have some fun.  Even though we are 5 photographers, and 4 wedding dress designers, we each do our work very differently and this 4 photo shoots will hopefully show it .. The theme was Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue, and I was in the Something Old and Something Blue.

Something Old:

With Maria from Vintage Bride, Elizabeth Wurtz, photographer Tine from Bryllupsfoto, Camilla from Camilla Jørvad Photography and dearest Katrine Søndergaard was the gorgeous loooong red haired model. We used the Art Nouveau style, as an inspiration for this shoot.

This is my version of that day and that theme ..

IMG_9308IMG_9473IMG_9432IMG_9718IMG_9488IMG_9537IMG_9698 IMG_9735IMG_9766IMG_9737IMG_9336IMG_9247IMG_9271IMG_9952IMG_9948IMG_9984IMG_9972IMG_10294IMG_10250IMG_10278IMG_10359IMG_10330IMG_10358

We where three photographers this day, taking pictures at the same time and of the same thing .. but yet, we all three had a different story to tell.  Check out “Something Old, by Tine Hvolby” and “Something Old, by Camilla Jørvad Photography” .  Keep tuned for the other photo shoots soon on We Do Weddings facebook page, and on their website.

All gorgeous dresses in this shoot are from Vintage Bride.



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