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A little fun project I did together with some of the ladies from We Do Weddings.  We were four groups, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and last but not least Something Blue.

In Something Blue:  Dress Designer: Anja from Elefteria; Craft maker/stylist; Brittany from The House That Lars Built; Hair and Make-up artist: May Naes; Photographers: Lina Ahnoff and Amanda Thomsen; Models: Jonas and Elisabeth.


Back in April of last year we, the blue group, started brainstorming our shoot with all of the ideas that came up, we knew that we wanted something authentic and homegrown. We took “blue” to mean the one out of the bunch that was different. The black sheep if you will. So, we envisioned a couple who do things differently. This couple doesn’t plan a year in advance. They aren’t getting married in the church. They aren’t wearing white. Gasp! This couple told their friends and family to come to a party that week “dressed in blue” and bring a small dish to share.

2 5 6-1 6-23IMG_70747 9 101415182023 ©Amanda Thomsen Photography 201360 ©Amanda Thomsen Photography copy1331 ©Amanda Thomsen Photography 2013 32 ©Amanda Thomsen Photography 201335 ©Amanda Thomsen Photography 2013©Amanda Thomsen Photography41 ©Amanda Thomsen Photography 2013 42 ©Amanda Thomsen Photography 2013 43 ©Amanda Thomsen Photography 2013

Once their friends and family showed up for a leisurely afternoon at their blue kolonihave, the couple announced that they were actually getting married and they were the guests. The garden turned into the reception site with a simple bunting in blue strung along the bushes to frame the couple as they said their vows.  Instead of a wedding cake, a friend made a piñata in shades of blue.  Once they knocked it down, fortune cookies with personalized fortunes came spewing out as favors fo the guests.

46 ©Amanda Thomsen Photography49 @Amanda Thomsen Photography44 ©Amanda Thomsen Photography 201350 @Amanda Thomsen Photography51 @Amanda Thomsen Photography53 @Amanda Thomsen Photography55©Amanda Thomsen Photography 56 ©Amanda Thomsen Photography59 ©Amanda Thomsen PhotographyIMG_754265 ©Amanda Thomsen PhotographyIMG_7546IMG_7561IMG_7566IMG_7574mix copy2IMG_7672IMG_7670IMG_7688IMG_7691IMG_7705©Amanda Thomsen Photography©Amanda Thomsen Photography©Amanda Thomsen Photography©Amanda Thomsen Photography©Amanda Thomsen Photography©Amanda Thomsen PhotographyIMG_7859©Amanda Thomsen Photography©Amanda Thomsen PhotographyIMG_7890©Amanda Thomsen Photography©Amanda Thomsen Photography©Amanda Thomsen Photography©Amanda Thomsen Photography©Amanda Thomsen Photography©Amanda Thomsen Photography©Amanda Thomsen Photography ©Amanda Thomsen Photography ©Amanda Thomsen Photography

Later that evening, the guests gathered in the kolonihave for a dinner made up of the smørrebrød that everyone brought. Friends had decorated the place in old wedding veils from their family’s generations. They enjoyed the occasion with simple hygge and cherished their new bond.

IMG_7188IMG_7139 IMG_7165IMG_8112IMG_8110IMG_8131IMG_8150SmørrebrødIMG_8166IMG_8171IMG_8173IMG_8241IMG_8225IMG_8304This simple wedding brought out the best in the couple and made it an easy affair for all. By sticking with just one color palette, they were able to focus on the people that they shared the event with.

The dresses:  The first dress from is model Anna with denim skirt, perfectly morning outfit for a wedding. The long length model Eleni, a bias cut dress in crepe de chine so soft to wear in the late afternoon and finally decorated and dressed up for the evening dinner with silk chiffon covers to give you the upportunity to change the look of the dress for any occasion.  All of them made specially for the Something Blue shoot,  by Anja from Elefteria.

The crown paper flower, the Piñata, and all the paper craft is made by Brittany from The House That Lars Build.  Brittany also did the beautiful table decorations.

I hope you liked it, and that it will inspire you in one way or the other for your wedding, party or just having a good time!

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  1. What a day with fun – thanks girls!!!

  2. I love absolutely everything about this! Beautifully styled and shot!

  3. Martin Cruz says:

    Hola! me ha encantando este reportaje, sobre todo los retratos y la capacidad para captar los detalles. Felicidades por tu buen hacer y por extensión a los novios.
    Hi! I love this story, particularly the portraits and the ability to capture the details. Congratulations, good work and by extension to the couple. :)

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