Rasmus & Gudlín. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Gudlín and Rasmus got married this summer.  Gudlín is from Iceland and had her family and friends over to celebrate her wedding with her lovely Dane Rasmus in Copenhagen.  It was such a beautiful day! A Town Hall wedding, followed up by a cosy dinner with friends and family. Everybody helped out to make this day special and unforgettable. An empty room called 5e, in Kødbyen, Vesterbro, was filled with flowers, confetti, music, candle lights, wonderful people, love, laughter, drinks and good food .. everything was there to make a wonderful, unique and very personal wedding.

Bride’s clothe –  Shoes: Buffalo, jacket: Philip Lim 3.0, skirt: YSL Vintage, Top: H&M.    The food made by Junkfood.

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  1. Karen says:

    What lovely pictures! It looks like such a great and relaxed day.

  2. intimate, heartfelt and genuine as always. Lovely work Amanda ;)

  3. Camilla Amtrup says:

    WAU! What a beautiful story.
    I was literally moved to tears as the story unfolded one image after the other.
    Beautifully captured. Beautiful family.

  4. Majken says:

    SÅ skønne billeder!
    Det hele virker så afslappet og fyldt med kærlighed! :)

  5. Love every bit and pix of it !

  6. Caroline says:

    Smukke billeder Amanda, fantastisk bryllup og smukke mennesker . Man får helt lyst til at blive gift:-)

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